The Adventure Continues

Our Church Council granted me a sabbatical for three months during the summer of 2010. My intention was to learn Latin American Spanish and to explore Latin American cultures here and abroad. Now that I have had some opportunities to lead mission trips to Yuscaran, Honduras, and to visit Mexico three times, the adventure continues.

Seeking New Horizons

Seeking New Horizons

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Getting Ready for Dagoberto

   Today I am getting ready to greet my friend, Pastor Dagoberto Chacon.  The last time I saw him was in Yuscaron in December, as in the picture below.  I had hoped to have him here for Bishop Jim Hazelwood's installation as bishop, but he missed his flight due to an accident that blocked his way to the airport.  So we have rescheduled him to come now.  I wonder how much snow he has seen before, because it is snowing now.
   I'm looking forward to the Spanish immerson I will need for the next two days.  I plan to take him to the National Park in Lowell on Thursday, and we have a dinner at church that evening.  On Friday I hope he will play volleyball with me and my friends early in the morning.  Then we will go to Boston to visit the Museum of Science or the Museum of Fine Arts.  The MFA has a display of Meso-American art, and I'm hoping Dagoberto might have some insights for me from that period of time of his ancestors.  I hope my vocabularly can expand enough to understand.
   I am especially interested in his reactions to life here in the Boston Area.  When Pastor Mamkwe from Tanzania visited us a few years ago, he was fgascinated by all the machines we have to deal with the snow.  Since he was fascinated, I became fascinated as well, seeing familiar objects through new eyes.

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