The Adventure Continues

Our Church Council granted me a sabbatical for three months during the summer of 2010. My intention was to learn Latin American Spanish and to explore Latin American cultures here and abroad. Now that I have had some opportunities to lead mission trips to Yuscaran, Honduras, and to visit Mexico three times, the adventure continues.

Seeking New Horizons

Seeking New Horizons

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The First Day

As usual, I began the day with some study of Spanish. The Rosetta Stone program makes it really fun, but I don't know how I will do if I talk to a real person rather than to the computer.
My next stop was at St. Francis Church in Dracut where I was interviewed by Debbie Hovanasian, the religion reporter for the Lowell Sun. She asks really good questions and the conversation helped me to clarify some things in my own mind. I think that a vacation is a time to go away from the normal routine. A sabbatical also has this aspect, but it also has the added dimension about coming back. So I am open to finding out how I will change in this experience of learning Spanish and visiting some Hispanic cultures. I am also open to seeing how Trinity will change this summer.
I had lunch in Lowell at the "La Differencia Restaurant" across the street from the Lowell Transitional Housing Center. I ordered my meal in Spanish and I read a Spanish newspaper. I received what I thought I had ordered, pollo con arroz and jugo de naranja, and no one said, "why don't you just speak English!" I take that as a success!

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